What is a Hot Chocolate Bomb? A HCB is a chocolate sphere filled with our signature hot chocolate mixes! Pour 10-12oz of hot milk (or water) over our HCBs, stir, and you have a perfect hot chocolate!


Milk Chocolate Marshmallow: Milk Chocolate Sphere filled with out signature hot chocolate milk and marshmallows


Peppermint Bark: A combination of a white chocolate peppermint and milk chocolate shells, filled with our peppermint hot chocolate mix.


Cookies 'n Cream: White Chocolate with Oreos mixed in and filled with oreo hot chocolate.


Mocha: White and Black/Dark chocolate shell filled with our signature hot chocolate and espresso


There is an option to add marshmallows to the box. This is perfect for if you would like to ship your bombs to family or friends!



Pick ups are at 365 Broadway, Haverhill MA 

Hot Chocolate Bombs

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